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Welcome to the Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy Online Data Centre
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The Canadian Assessment of

Physical Literacy (CAPL)

CAPL is the first comprehensive protocol that can accurately and reliably assess a broad spectrum of skills and abilities that contribute to and characterize the physical literacy level of the participant. Read More...

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CAPL-1 Website Permanently Shutting Down in June 2019

This website (CAPL-1) will be permanently shut down on June 17, 2019. Any data that you have on this website will be cleaned and made available for download from the CAPL-2 website, which can be accessed at

Canada’s First “State of the Nation” Report on Children’s Physical Literacy

Results from Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy Findings on More Than 10,000 Children Ottawa, October 2, 2018 – The results from a large national research project led by the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO) at the CHEO Research Institute shows that about two-thirds of Canadian children haven’t achieved an acceptable level of Read More…